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Got More Than One Item to Sell?
Open a Store Page helps you market your brand in addition to your products. You can reach the right people at the right time by having your own page to list all your products on. Get Started with a template design, and put the details for your store. Start getting reports on how your Store is performing. Our tools help you learn more about your customers, so you can show most interesting products.
Steps to Be Ready
Open Store Page
Open your store by registering and

completing details & design of your

Store. This account will be associated

with the Store.
Post Products
Once you've completed opening

your Store Page, start posting

Products on the same account which

is linked to the Store.
Want to Get more Views?
Home Page
This is the most powerful Boost out of them all. Your product will show up on our Home Page getting the most views. No clicks required to See your product.
Category Page
This choice of Boost secures your product a place at the top of the Category Tree the viewer chooses. This takes 1-click to reach to.
Listing Page
With this choice of Boost, you can ensure your product shows up at the top of the final category the viewers chooses. This takes 2-clicks to reach to.
Thoughts on Buying
Deal in Person
Deal with Locals you can meet in person in public places. Ignore emails or texts from non-locals.
Never Wire Money
Don't transfer money to anyone. Avoid Western Union, Cashier Checks, or any form of Transfer.
Inspect the Product
Always check what you are buying to make sure it matches what was posted online.
Happy Shopping!